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Welcome to the newest page on our site! This one is all about collating useful tools and infomation into one central spot for the benefit of all PMs in Australia.

As we grow this page, please bear with us, especially if you’re not a Victorian PM, as we slowly collate the documents we have created or been given.

And please feel free to contact us if you feel there is something we should add to this page. Our goal is to make it a commonly known source of information for all people in our industy 🙂

more links coming soon…

COVID-19 Info

A one-page cheatsheet for COVID-19 related legislation in Victoria.

A standard form that can be used for tenants wishing to sign a lease without viewing the property.

A Word document you can edit before printing.

A Word document you can edit before printing.

A Word document you can edit before printing.


A matrix of management fees based on the negotiated fee percentage and rents.

General Tools

A template for checking your files are up-do-date for rent roll sale, purchase or valuation.

Victorian Legislation

A summary of the info released by Consumer Affairs Victoria on the 24th of April 2020 regarding COVID-19.

A pre-filled template of systems and items that need updating by certain dates regarding the RTA changes.

A printable double-side cheatsheet of the main changes to the residential tenancies act.

A link to the Victorian Government’s legislation website.

Consumer Affairs Victoria tenant guide with RTA changes updated in March 2020

A table of rents and their required compensation per sales inspections from July 1 2020.


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