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Business Growth Series with Special Guests
Webinar Series – We are teaming up with experts to talk all things PM Growth

Our new Business Growth Series has been created to give real and relevant information to enable you to open your minds to grow your businesses. We have put together some of the best practitioners, trainers and consultants to deliver these sessions and will cover all things relating to building and growing rent rolls.

We will cover such topics as: Social Media marketing, blogging, email marketing, videos, growing a PM only business, growing a PM business within a traditional agency, videos, listing presentations, understanding rent roll values and fees, managing Airbnb, building your online profile and more… we will be adding to it all the time!

You can pick and choose your sessions or can attend them all, your choice. There will be something for everyone! If you want to ask questions you can ask them on the day or send them through via email in advance to


Recorded on 1 October | Perfecting your pitch with Sophie Kennedy-Rush

We decided to take advantage of our very own Property Management Specialist – Sophie Kennedy-Rush for this session. One of her biggest achievements saw her list 271 properties within a traditional agency, nominating her for Australian BDM of the Year for one of the country’s largest franchises. Sophie will share her expertise in this space by helping you take full advantage of your relationship with the sales team as well as best practices for listing presentations, the benefits of referral partners as well as how to build your brand in your area.

Other areas covered will be:
– How to get and justify your best fee
– The value of a rent roll
– What to include in your listing kits
– What opportunities your current database holds
– Points of difference and the significance of ACTUALLY being different
– Understanding your competitors
– Goals and the importance of consistency
– BDM to PM handover
– Difference in prospecting & listing between a traditional agency and a PM only agency

Recorded on 8 October | How to use Blogs on your Website to Generate Landlord Leads with Ellen Bathgate

If you have a blog section on your website, you want to be using those blogs to get you more landlord leads, right?

There’s power in having useful articles published, but it’s not enough to just write a blog, post it on your website and hope for the best. You deserve to be getting leads from it.

Join Ellen as she breaks down the 4-point formula for a great blog post and how to take potential readers from reading your blog to contacting you directly.

In this session, you’ll discover:
• How to Know what to Write About
• The 4-Point Formula for a Great Blog Post
• How to Write “Clickable” Headlines for your Blogs
• How to Get More Landlords Reading your Blogs

PLUS, as a bonus for joining this session, you’ll be able to download 5 Pre-Written Blog articles, ready for you to customise, modify and use in your own business!

Recorded on 15 October | How to build a PM only business with Dave Skow

In this session we have teamed up with Dave Skow, who is the Director of RE/MAX Elite. In 2014 Dave started his own PM only business in Wagga Wagga called Wagga Property Management and he managed to list over 800 properties in 4 years, a pretty impressive result. Dave will share some of his methods of growth including his use of videos and social media, how he was able to facilitate the rapid growth including getting the right team structure, his use of technology, systems and procedures to enable him to manage the growth, how he was able to continue the growth path without dropping his fees and some useful scripts and dialogues to overcome any listing objections. Dave is now the Director of RE/MAX Elite and he will also share his journey from PM only to PM & Sales.

22 October | 10am to 11am | 3 Steps to Email Marketing for Rent Roll Growth with Ellen Bathgate

Social media is great, but no matter how advanced social media gets, your email database is likely more valuable for your rent roll growth.

In fact, according to Opt-In Monster, more than 50% of people check their emails before they check their social media each day.  And that means, you need to be using email marketing if you want to grow your rent roll.

Join Ellen as she reveals the 3 steps to email marketing and how you can use it for your rent roll growth.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • What to send in your Email Marketing
  • The 5-Layer Formula for a great marketing email
  • How often to email your database
  • How to write a Subject Line that makes people want to open your emails

PLUS, as a bonus for joining this session, you’ll be able to download 5 Pre-Written Email templates, ready for you to customise, modify and use in your own business!

5 November | 10am to 11am | Building Your Brand Online with Tara Christianson

If you went online and researched your name and your brand, would you want to do business with you?

Making sure your personal brand is reflective in both your offline and your online presence and activities is more important than ever. With people using information found online to make decisions about whether to work with you or not, building and maintaining your personal brand should be a part of your property management business.

From the moment someone Googles you to your agency profile on to social platforms Australian audiences are most likely to see you or look for you, Tara will share tips on:

  • Creating your best online profile
  • Why reviews are so important (and what to do if you get a negative review)
  • The top 4 social channels visited by Australians, and how you can use them in your business to build your brand

Tara will also be available for a Q&A afterward!

18 November | 10am to 11.45am | The Fundamentals of The Facebook Marketing Platform with John Hellaby

Social Media is a confusing topic for so many people, what to post, when to post and how to post! During these two sessions John will demonstrate how you should be thinking about social media marketing and most importantly why you need to be doing it. He will be show you where real estate as an industry has been missing a key step and how you can take advantage of this gap to take the lead in digital marketing in your market. He will be giving you actionable skills that you will be able to walk away and implement into your business immediately.

  • How it is designed to work
  • Deep dive into ads manager
  • Connecting your business goals to Facebook marketing functions
  • How to set your budget
  • Making FB do the heavy lifting

25 November | 10am to 11.45am | Using Facebook and Instagram to brand, position and convert with John Hellaby

  • Building a brand positioning strategy
  • Using Facebook/Instagram to get people calling you
  • Marketing to people who show interest
  • Producing quality content quickly and easily

Do you want to get to know our presenters?

Sophie Kennedy-Rush Had her start over 15 years ago in Real Estate, Sophie has experienced all facets of the industry. From reception, property management and running a rental department she finally found her niche in business development. Her standout roles include working for a traditional franchise agency in Highton – increasing the rent roll value by over $5M in her time there. She also worked for a Geelong West agency as the Department Manager and BDM, winning Most Listings of the Year 2017/2018 as well as Property Management Team of the Year 2017/2018. During the last 5 years as a BDM Sophie has listed in excess of 1000 properties.

Ellen Bathgate is the founder of Rent Roll Starter, and specialises in helping independent real estate agents to start and build their own Rent Rolls, using some simple systems she has used in her own businesses. Ellen held the position of Senior Property Manager overseeing the management of 1000 properties before starting her own independent Property Management agency in 2011. Ellen successfully sold the rent roll in 2016. Ellen holds the title of the winner of the REINSW Novice Auctioneer Competition, Orana and NSW divisions, 2006 and has been interviewed and featured in the Financial Review, RPM Online Magazine, Elite Agent Magazine and various real estate radio programs. With a love for digital marketing and other creative lead generation strategies, Ellen has a passion for sharing her knowledge on how to use these brilliant marketing tools to grow a rent roll.

Dave Skow After 12 years in a number of real estate roles across NSW, Dave Skow started building his own business from the ground up, opening Wagga Property Management in 2014. After acquiring a competitor agency and now leading a team of 20 sales and property management professionals.

Tara Christianson is’s Digital Strategist with first-hand knowledge of the power of the online world in real estate. A world-renowned speaker with a background in real estate, Tara regularly presents at industry events on technology trends, online content and digital strategies. She also works with individual businesses to ensure they are utilising technology to their best advantage. Tara’s passions lie in enhancing the efficacy of online profiles, offering ways to create and continue relationships online, and empowering real estate agents and agencies with the tools they need to succeed in their businesses.

John Hellaby is a Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional. He has trained at Facebook Asia Pacific HQ as part of an invitation-only small and medium enterprise training program. He also brings almost 10 years of Facebook marketing and digital marketing experience to the table. He has designed and executed campaigns that have sold a wide range of products on Facebook. Highlights include working on campaigns featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, Mark Bouris, Shannon Noll and many more. John is also the founder of Check My House Price and through it he has generated over $1.5billion in commission opportunities for real estate   agents via Facebook. Over $150m of which have converted into cold hard cash to date. In the property development space, John has working with ASX listed property developers, generating millions in new build leads and ten times as much in sold house and land packages. Every year, John works with Grass Roots Bull Riding to raise funds for the Cage charity. Selling over 2,000 tickets at price of $24-78 with a cost per sale of slightly over $1 per ticket. He has also trained thousands of real estate agents and business owners throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States on how to market on Facebook.

Who should attend

This training is for anyone who wants to learn more about opportunities and growth of PM Businesses. There is a wide range of topics and speakers to choose from, so you can choose your own adventure!

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Webinar: Perfecting your Pitch with Sophie Kennedy-Rush

  • Recorded 1st October | 1.5hr duration
  • $99.00 per person
  • 1 CPD Point for PAB Tasmania (Code: 3380)

Webinar: How to Use the Blogs on Your Website to Generate Landlord Leads with Ellen Bathgate

  • Recorded 8th October | 1hr duration
  • $99.00 per person
  • 1 CPD Point for PAB Tasmania (Code: 3383)

Webinar: How to build a PM only business with Dave Skow

  • Recorded 15th October | 1hr duration
  • $99.00 per person
  • 1 CPD Point for PAB Tasmania (Code: 3385)

Webinar: 3 steps to email marketing for rent roll growth with Ellen Bathgate 

  • Thursday 22nd October | 10.00am to 11.00am
  • $99.00 per person
  • 1 CPD Point for PAB Tasmania (Code: 3387)

Webinar: Building Your Brand Online with Tara Christianson

  • Thursday 5 November | 10.00am to 11.00am
  • $99.00 per person
  • 1 CPD Point for PAB Tasmania (Code: 3428)

Webinars: The Fundamentals of The Facebook Marketing Platform | Using Facebook and Instagram to brand, position and convert with John Hellaby

  • Wednesday 18th and 25th November | 10.00am to 11.45am
  • $198.00 per person for both sessions
  • 1.75 CPD Point for PAB Tasmania (Code: 3458 – 18/11 Session)
  • 1.75 CPD Point for PAB Tasmania (Code: 3459 – 25/11 Session)